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SUSE introduces Rancher Desktop. The open source app provides a simple interface to develop, deploy and test Kubernetes containers on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Rancher Labs, developer of Rancher Desktop, made it big with a platform for deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters in environments of choice. Today, that platform is known as SUSE Rancher. SUSE acquired the organization in December 2020.

In contrast to SUSE Rancher’s enormous scope, Rancher Desktop is a simple desktop app. Rancher is launching the introduction to offer a straightforward, local Kubernetes environment for app and container developers.

Under the hood of Rancher Desktop

Rancher Desktop allows any Kubernetes version (k3s) to be deployed on a desktop. This allows the Kubernetes version of a production environment to be mirrored on a desktop. From there, users can test new or modified workloads and updates.

While there are several open source tools available to accomplish that goal, most alternatives run on a command-line interface. Rancher Desktop is visual, which lowers the entry barrier.

Rancher Desktop runs on two container engines: dockerd and containerd. Container images developed through Rancher Desktop are directly deployable in Kubernetes. No registry is involved.

Rancher Desktop is available here.