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Play Store intends to promote tablet apps using quality rankings

Play Store intends to promote tablet apps using quality rankings

Google intends to make 2022 the year of Android tablets. The corporation is showing the Play Store tablet users some love after releasing a tablet-focused Android 12L update, establishing an Android tablet division, and publishing one or two tablet apps.

The idea is to make it simpler for tablet users to locate tablet apps instead of using phone apps that feel stretched out.

The Play Store’s “ranking and profitability changes” come first. Google said it would be upgrading its showcasing and ranking logic in Google Play on large-screen devices in the months ahead to favor high-quality applications and games.

Basic, better, and best

An app must be “high quality” to get higher ranks. The requirements for this distinction are detailed on a page titled “big-screen app quality,” which contains basic suggestions for creating better tablet apps.

It all starts with the “Basic compatibility” tier, which includes features such as “support landscape orientation” (you’d be surprised how many Android applications miss this) and “don’t pillar box your app.” Large screen layouts, multi-window capabilities, and mouse and keyboard compatibility are all included in the “Better” tier.

A completely responsive design for tablets, foldables, and desktop mode, as well as stylus compatibility and right-click context menus for a mouse, are included in the “best” tier.

How to decide

Google does not specify how it will decide whether or not an app fits these requirements. The standard Google procedure would entail some sort of automated app screening, but it’s unclear how effective such a system would be at assessing “quality.”

Additionally, if an app fails to fulfill at least the “basic” standards on a tablet, it will be marked as “poor quality.” When a tablet user tries to install it, the Play Store will display a notice. For further information, Google promises to “keep tuned for future developments later this year.”