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Visma recently acquired ionProjects, a Belgium-based ERP SaaS specialist.

Belgium is becoming an increasingly important market for Visma. Over the past two years, Visma has expanded its regional activity significantly through acquisitions of European cloud technology companies. These companies continue to operate largely autonomously, but receive support from Visma in areas of technology, security and customer experience.

With the acquisition of ionProjects, Visma strengthens its position on the Belgian ERP market. This is the fifth Belgian supplier of business-critical cloud solutions acquired by Visma. Visma hopes to use the acquisition to grow on the regional market for medium-sized organizations and corporates. The four prior acquisitions primarily focus on SMEs.

More opportunities for ionProjects

IonProjects is mainly active in the field of ERP. The organization develops ionBizz, a SaaS solution. In addition to ERP functionality, ionBizz offers modules for procurement, project management, time registration and invoicing.

The acquisition should give ionProjects more opportunities to expand its activities in the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

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