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Visma announces the acquisition of Reliforce. The company develops a software solution for policy administrations of income insurance.

Insurance requires administration. Some organizations call on insurance agencies to outsource the process. Insurance agencies maintain the necessary records and take out insurances on behalf of organizations.

Reliforce is used by insurance agencies to maintain policy administrations. A policy administration contains information on wages, benefits and contracts. Insurers request the information from organizations looking to take out income insurance. Insurance agencies act on behalf of organizations, and as such, it’s up to the agency to provide the necessary information. Reliforce speeds up the administrative process.

Why does Visma choose Reliforce?

Visma acquires Reliforce to expand software solution Visma Absence. Like Reliforce, Visma Absence plays an important role for insurance agencies and income insurance. Absence management is a common requirement for organizations seeking income insurance. For this purpose, Visma Absence provides software tools for the administration and guidance of absent employees.

The combination of Visma Absence and Reliforce creates a single solution for insurance agencies that arrange income insurance. Visma Absence’s availability is limited. We’re not aware of any supported countries outside The Netherlands.

Absence is rising

The timing of the acquisition wasn’t left to chance. Absenteeism is increasing throughout Europe. “Hence, agencies are expanding their services to include income insurance”, says John Reynders, Area Director Benelux at Visma. “They want software that supports both policy administration and absence management. We are therefore pleased that Reliforce is now part of Visma.”

Reliforce will continue as part of Visma Group, under its own name and with its existing team.

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