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Salesforce released CRM Analytics. The solution provides AI insights to sales, marketing, and service teams.

At its core, CRM Analytics is a rebranding of Tableau CRM. The solution provides employees with insights that are directly applicable to workflows. CRM Analytics centralizes all data relevant to a customer relationship. Relationships can be improved through predictions.

More integration with Slack

The solution has new functionality, including further compatibility with Slack. The CRM Analytics App for Slack integrates data into employees’ workflows, making data the focal point for every conversation. Information obtained through analytics becomes more visible, collaborative and active.

Furthermore, aggregated predictions from Salesforce are directly reported into Slack workflows. This functionality helps analyse strategic deals, customers at risk of leaving or invoices at risk of delay.

Other new functionality

Search Insights allows Salesforce customers discover any dashboard and dataset. The Energy & Utilities Analytics functionality provides in-depth insights into Energy & Utilities sector sales processes, such as sales opportunities. Furthermore, Public Sector Analytics delivers greater insight into departmental efficiency and compliance. This information, too, automatically integrates into various Salesforce workflows.

Revenue Intelligence

Salesforce also announced an expansion of its Revenue Intelligence functionality for CRM Analytics in the coming months. By the summer of this year, dedicated solutions should be available for Financial Services Intelligence for Financial Services Cloud, Manufacturing Intelligence for Manufacturing Cloud, Consumer Goods Intelligence for Consumer Goods Cloud, and Communications Intelligence for Communications Cloud.

Tip: The world of Salesforce now revolves around Slack