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Avaya Virtual Agent is now available. The solution allows organizations to automate customer service without programming.

Avaya develops communications technology, ranging from video conferencing to complete call centre platforms. The most recent introduction is Virtual Agent. The solution enables organisations to automate customer service tasks without programming.

Virtual Agent has multiple templates for common customer service tasks. For instance, a chatbot for the first customer contact on a website, which can be configured to provide the right answers without ever touching the code. Furthermore, the solution features various templates for bots that automate simple support questions, such as replacing a password or paying a bill.

On the inside

Virtual Agent has two cornerstones. Firstly, the solution masters Natural Language Understanding, which entails an understanding of twenty languages. Secondly, the solution is able to communicate with other systems. Together, the cornerstones allow the solution to understand and solve customer requests. Virtual Agent is much more than a forwarding tool or conversational assistant. Virtual Agent understands requests and routes data to systems and people.

The applications are virtually endless. However, usage depends on integrations. As mentioned earlier, the templates make it possible to automate a common task without programming. On the other hand, Virtual Agent will always need to be connected to another system in order to solve requests. For example, a payment system, for payment-related requests. Or an Active Directory, for assistance with lost passwords and user names.

These integrations are no child’s play. The solution is exclusively available on request. One advantage is that Virtual Agent runs on top of most contact centre-as-a-service solutions, meaning plenty of organizations are eligible. And, once integrated, end users can configure their own bots without the intervention of a consultant or IT department.

Virtual Agent and Dialogflow

The latter is not a prerequisite. Complex bots can be developed to your heart’s content. In addition, Avaya developed a pre-built integration with Google Cloud Dialogflow, a popular service for natural language bots. Bots in Google Cloud Dialogflow are directly available in Virtual Agent.

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