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The Mozilla web browser received its 100th update today, which was met with some enthusiasm upon appearing on the official blog. This week, Firefox 100 is available for both mobile and desktop users.

To commemorate the occasion, Mozilla announced in the blog that it would share fan art inspired by Firefox daily throughout May. While the number 100 has symbolic value, the update isn’t especially significant.

Subtitles and captions are now available in Firefox’s picture-in-picture mode for movies on the desktop. YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video are the three major websites that officially offer subtitles and captions in PIP.

A neater history panel

Furthermore, the capability is compatible with websites that implement the WebVTT standard, such as Twitter.

That’s all there is to new desktop functionality, but there’s more on the mobile side. To begin with, there’s a new history view in the browser.

Mozilla states that the new history panel has become less cluttered by deleting duplicates and automatically aggregating relevant items—such as several pages viewed from the same search query. You may now search your history using a text field.

Decluttering the browser

“Clutter-free” is also the theme for mobile tab upgrades. Firefox now automatically re-sorts tabs you haven’t seen in 14 days into an “inactive tabs” area. These changes are meant to help users who keep tabs open for weeks, intending to get to them later, resulting in overwhelming clutter.

“Beach vibes” and “twilight hills” are the names given to two additional backdrops for Android and iOS, respectively. Other improvements include HTTPS-only mode on Android, a language selection prompt upon initial launch, and broadening the credit card autofill functionality to more geographical areas.

Several of these capabilities were immediately available on Android, but Mozilla promises iOS will have them by the end of the week.