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The Metaverse Standards Forum, a new consortium aimed at assisting the growth of the metaverse, is being launched by more than two dozen IT companies and business associations.

The metaverse is known as a more advanced internet that incorporates augmented reality and virtual reality. Technologies like digital twins are expected to be included.

Nvidia, whose graphics cards play a central role part in establishing the metaverse, is one of the businesses supporting the Metaverse Standards Forum as a founding member. More than a dozen tech companies, including Qualcomm, Microsoft, Meta Platforms, have joined the chipmaker.

The Metaverse Standards Forum is hosted by the Khronos Group, an industry association. To enable interoperability across products from many firms, Khronos Group creates technologies that are utilized in areas including augmented reality, virtual reality, and machine learning.

What will the group do?

The group will investigate instances where a lack of compatibility between technologies delays metaverse implementation. The committee also intends to look into methods to enhance coordination amongst groups that make technological standards.

As part of its efforts, the Metaverse Standards Forum will assist “pragmatic, action-based projects.” Among those undertakings might be initiatives to create open-source tools and new technologies. For instance, Nvidia VP Rev Lebaredian said an equivalent to HTML is required to fully represent connected 3D environments in the metaverse.