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Freshworks merged updates for various products into its Summer ’22 portfolio. The software provider wants to help companies support customers in multiple channels.

The bulk of the updates revolves around Freshchat, a chatting app with AI and conversational messaging. The chatbot, together with products Freshmarketer and Freshsales, forms a complete ‘customer record architecture’.

The architecture optimizes the customer experience and engagement by centralizing various messaging channels on one platform. According to Freshworks, this allows for smart and targeted interactions between customers and employees.

Improved messaging

Freshworks states that the Summer ’22 updates aim to make customer interaction easier and more productive. This includes user-friendly automation with built-in AI functionality that’s quick to implement.

The first update focuses on modern messaging functionality and customer engagement, supported by the Freshchat application. Unified Customer Record (UCR) was enhanced, merging the Freshmarketer, Freshsales and Freshchat products to provide support, sales and marketing teams with complete customer context. The solution is now generally available, following an initial release to Shopify customers. Freshchat helps agents deploy chatbots on channels of choice, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and SMS.

Another important update is the introduction of Fresmarketer-supported CRM functionality for e-commerce. The Freshmarketer for Shopify solution combines marketing automation functionality, multichannel campaigns and conversational marketing via live chat and bots. The solution allows customers to quickly get started with advanced segmentation, targeting, marketing campaigns and reporting in all phases of the customer journey.

Omnichannel customer support

In addition, the Summer ’22 portfolio includes updates for omnichannel customer support. New Freshdesk Omnichannel integrations are available for frequently used customer support platforms. Customers can now more easily use their own telecom operator to streamline voice and messaging calls, optimizing their voice communication software.

Furthermore, an integration with Injixo helps companies manage customer service teams with Freshdesk. The update allows companies to predict workloads across channels and automate staff scheduling.

There are also new integrations for Instagram DMs and Twilio SMS through the Freshworks Neo Platform. No-Code Custom Objects allow companies to bring their company data to Freshdesk.

Updates for IT Service Management

Freshservice updates also bring new capabilities to the IT Service Management area. Improved On-Call Management enables 24/7 agent availability for the IT service desk and operational teams. An update to the Alert Management 2.0 tool should increase efficiency with multiple out-of-the-box application monitoring integrations and automated ML-based alert grouping and email alerts.

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