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Salesforce announced new automation features and data integrations for CRM platform Customer 360.

Customer 360 consists of multiple software categories. Marketing tools run in the Marketing Cloud, sales solutions run in the Sales Cloud, and so on. Salesforce recently announced a series of new features for Customer 360, starting with Einstein Bot for Sales Cloud.

Available in 2023

Einstein Bot for Sales is coming to Sales Cloud in 2023. The tool allows users to configure website bots that groom visitors for conversations with sales representatives. Bill Patterson, general manager of CRM applications at Salesforce, claims the bots are more advanced than the average chatbots found on websites today.

The bots recommend web pages to answer questions, transfer calls to salespeople and automatically create meetings. Furthermore, the bots analyze visitors’ chat messages to store relevant messages in databases. Patterson explained that the bots were designed to automate sales tasks and bring in leads.

Additionally, Service Catalog is coming to Service Cloud — Salesforce’s customer service software portfolio — in 2023. Service Catalog allows users to add self-service systems to company websites. The systems allow customers to perform administrative tasks without customer support. Think of subscription changes, returns and refunds.

Available this fall

Enablement is coming to Sales Cloud this fall. The tool monitors sales associates and suggests tasks to increase productivity. MuleSoft Direct will appear in Industry Clouds in the same period. The tool provides an overview of prebuilt integrations that are commonplace within a given industry. If, for example, a user works in healthcare, MuleSoft Direct advises on suitable APIs for exchanging patient data.

In addition, Commerce Cloud will be enhanced with Store Associate, a tool that allows retail employees to view product recommendations and purchase histories during customer interactions. Back-office employees typically have access to such data, but front-line employees often have to do without. “Salesforce’s strategy is to extend more into front-line, customer-facing workers”, Gartner analyst Jason Wong explained.

Salesforce shared the product news ahead of Dreamforce 2022. The conference takes place from September 20 to September 23 in San Francisco.

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