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NetSuite introduced a new solution for efficient employee scheduling during SuiteWorld. The NetSuite Workforce Management solution takes into account labour costs, contract hours and the organization’s profitability.

Many companies still create employee schedules by hand. This is unnecessary and inefficient. As an organization, you can save costs by combining a good mix of expensive, experienced employees and cheaper ones. The solution also makes it possible to keep track of hours worked and whether these match the agreements made with employees.

The system can even automatically suggest schedules to maximize efficiency. With SuitePeople Workforce Management, employee salaries can also be handled automatically, ensuring that there are no discrepancies between hours worked and wages paid.

Even in changing circumstances, such as during busy peak days, additional staff can be scheduled quickly and easily. In addition, as an organization, you have a direct overview of whether you have enough staff or whether you need to find additional personnel.

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Employees gain access and control

Another significant advantage of SuitePeople Workforce Management is that employees can log in to the platform via a mobile application. They can clock in, clock out, see their schedule and request changes to, for example, work a different day than currently scheduled.

Companies can also set strict requirements for clocking in and out by, for example, requiring photos or a fingerprint scan. This prevents someone from clocking in for a colleague who is not present.

Furthermore, this solution can provide comprehensive statistics on staff utilization, labour costs and staff attendance based on clocking in and out. Forecasts and sales can be viewed per employee. It gives managers a tremendous amount of information on how employees are performing.

In addition, the app allows managers and employees to communicate with each other via chat so that any issues or schedule changes can be addressed quickly.

NetSuite SuitePeople Workforce Management will become available in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in early 2023. The United Kingdom and Ireland will follow in the summer of 2023. The schedule for other European countries is unknown at this time.

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