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Automation Anywhere launched the Automation Success Platform. The platform includes new functionality that helps companies better automate business workflows and repetitive tasks.

In part, the new platform is a rebranding of Automation Anywhere’s existing robotic process automation (RPA) platform. The platform was named Automation 360 in 2021. Meanwhile, the platform has been rebranded as the Automation Success Platform.

The platform should help companies accelerate their digital transition by making automation tools available to all employees. The tools allow users to automate repetitive manual business tasks.

The platform monitors how employees interact with applications, such as manual data entry from one application to another. The platform allows users to automate such workflows through intelligent bots. Employees can create these bots themselves without having to write code.

In addition, the platform has several other integrations with third-party applications, including Salesforce and Microsoft Office. The platform also features pre-built automated workflows.

New functionality

The launch of the Automation Success Platform brings a lot of new functionality. The most significant update is the arrival of the AARI for Every App. This tool allows employees to instruct RPA bots to perform business tasks with natural language commands. Users can use the tool within any business application to create bots that automate tasks deemed repetitive.

Automation Anywhere also added AI-powered process discovery capabilities. This allows users to quickly map and discover automation opportunities. Opportunities are ranked based on importance, allowing companies to easily see which tasks should be automated first. The technology is based on FortressIQ, which Automation Anywhere acquired in 2021.

In addition, the new Document Automation tool helps users extract data from documents and transfer the data to applications. Users can use Automation Anywhere’s AI models as well as Google Document AI and Microsoft Azure’s Form Recognizer models.

Automation Pathfinder Program

Furthermore, the Automation Success Platform includes a new CoE Manager that allows companies to build, monitor and scale automation functionality through a central command centre.

Lastly, the workflow and RPA vendor introduced the Automation Pathfinder Program. The program allows companies to scale up their automation efforts with the help of best practices and support from partner experts.

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