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Google launched a new stable release of Jetpack Compose, an Android user interface (UI) development tool. The latest features should improve developer productivity and system performance.

Jetpack Compose helps developers build Android UIs with minimal coding. This allows users to develop faster and reduce programming requirements. The new stable version of Jetpack Compose should help developers design even faster while increasing the startup speed of apps.

New features

To this end, Jetpack Compose gained several features. For example, the tool now features a Bill of Materials (BOM) that helps developers define library dependencies in a single environment. All library dependencies can be extracted from a single BOM, reducing errors when software versions start to differ.

New components for Android’s Material 3 design language should help developers design dynamic app colours, fonts and shapes. This allows them to ensure that UI components such as buttons and checkboxes can adapt to users’ themes.

In addition, new animation coordination tools for Android Studio were added. This should simplify the synchronization of UI animations. Google also improved support for previews on multiple devices.

Compose for Android TV

Furthermore, the alpha version of Compose for Android TV was released. This allows developers to test app designs for Android-based televisions using components such as Carousel and ImmersiveList. Other components will be added soon.

Tip: Google releases beta version of Jetpack Compose