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Twilio expands Customer Engagement Platform

Twilio expands Customer Engagement Platform

Twilio has expanded its cloud-based customer engagement platform with new functionality. According to Twilio, the features help companies build and maintain better relationships with customers.

Twilio develops cloud-based integration solutions for communication services and APIs such as SMS, video calls and messaging in applications. The organization continues to expand its customer contact functionality.

Twilio Engage

After acquiring data analytics platform Segment in 2020, Twilio has been steadily building its own data-driven customer contact platform. This resulted in the introduction of Twilio Engage last year. The organization announced that the solution is now generally available.

Twilio Engage combines a cloud-based customer data and omnichannel platform in a single solution. It allows marketing professionals to respond to customer data in real time through any digital channel, from VoIP to messaging and chat.

During interactions with customers, marketers have access to up-to-date customer data that provides a complete customer profile. Customer journeys can be guided as a result. Ultimately, this should lead to more personal interactions and scalable growth in sales.

Contact center solution

In addition to the general availability of Twilio Engage, Twilio introduced a cloud-based contact center solution, Twilio Flex. This solution is built on the organization’s communications infrastructure and should provide businesses with an omnichannel contact center experience.

Among other things, Twilio Flex benefits from an integration between Google Dialogflow CX and Twilio Voice. This helps virtual agents have natural conversations with customers and improve the sense of personal contact.

Authentication through mobile networks

The organization also introduced an easier way for customers to log into the customer contact system. A new authentication option tackles an important challenge. When verification processes take too long and require too much information, customers tend to walk away. This means less revenue for the business.

Twilio aims to prevent the latter with a new passwordless authentication tool: Verify Silent Network Authentication (SNA). The technology is based on so-called ‘possession authentication’. It allows customers to log in and authenticate through mobile operators.

SNA allows users to authenticate devices and mobile numbers through their operator’s mobile network. This eliminates the need to provide and manage passwords or PINs. Twilio has partnered with 56 different mobile operators in 30 countries to provide the authentication service.

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