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Box launched Ethical Walls. The feature allows admins to ban file sharing among specified user groups. Ethical Walls prevents employees from violating laws when sharing sensitive information.

Box provides storage services in a secure cloud environment. Organizations use the solutions to store, edit, sign and share documents. Automation speeds up document processes while secure file sharing prevents phishing.

Box Shield is an optional add-on that provides several security features, including logging, malware detection and the ability to restrict document access to certain user groups.

Box Shield was recently updated with Ethical Walls. Organizations can now ban file sharing among specified user groups. To give an example, the feature allows administrators to prevent managers from sharing sensitive financial reports with general employees.

In this situation, Ethical Walls prevents violations of insider trading laws. The feature isn’t limited to financial information. Ethical Walls supports any type of user group and all documents.


Without Ethical Walls, employees can freely share files with colleagues, customers, partners and so on. Users pick a file, generate a link and select a recipient. The process is more resistant to phishing than most mail solutions, but compliance remains an issue. Until recently, Box offered no tools to prevent employees from illegally or unethically sharing sensitive information.

Ethical Walls offers a solution. Suppose an administrator bans file sharing among service and warehouse employees. When a service employee shares the link to a sensitive document with a warehouse employee, the service employee receives a notification. Organizations can customize the notification’s text to explain why the action was blocked.

In addition, when configuring a new policy, administrators receive a list of all previously shared files that violate the policy. The recipients of these files lose access when the policy is deployed. The feature works retroactively. Ethical Walls is available for free to Box Shield customers.

Tip: Box aims to take collaboration in hybrid world to next level