Box introduces Canvas, Content Insights and revamped Box Notes

Box introduces Canvas, Content Insights and revamped Box Notes

Box has introduced new features and tools that should improve content management and collaboration in hybrid work situations. Among others, Box Notes, the new Box Canvas and the also new Content Insights have now been presented.

In Box’s view, hybrid working is the form of work we continue to work with. In addition to a new mindset, this also means tooling needs to be prepared for this. Box, therefore, sees its solutions and applications transforming from “nice to have” to “core” products.

Renewed Box Notes

In this context, Box recently announced an updated version of Box Notes. This new version offers users a secure real-time collaboration experience for text-based workloads. The solution also enables internal and external corporate teams to work with larger documentation and project management. This should appeal to multiple employees, such as marketing teams, go-to-market teams, recruiters and programmers, according to Box.

Box Notes features new content creation features, in-line cursors for tracking changes made by participants in a content project. Code blocks added now should allow developers to make the collaboration process easier when working on technical designs and code reviews.

Other functionality added to Box Notes includes enhanced security and control capabilities for more detailed permissions and access information. Box Notes is available now and comes standard in all Box subscriptions for free.

Introducing Box Canvas

With the introduction of Box Canvas, employees will have access to a digital whiteboard for brainstorming sessions. Employees can upload images to this, post sticky notes and draw on the whiteboard. They can also develop workflows for this, implement a storyboard and insert videos.

Box Notes can also be inserted on Canvas, allowing users to further leverage the capabilities of Box Cloud. Box Canvas will be available in beta starting in November.

Content Insights

Furthermore, for better content management and collaboration, Box has now presented the Content Insights tool. This tool offers a visual dashboard that provides information about how content is being used, who is engaging with it and when they accessed it. With this, companies can then make better decisions about the deployment and use of their content for various audiences based on analytics and insights.

Content Insights will be available later this month.

Tip: Box aims to take collaboration in hybrid world to next level