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Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service is now available for select partners and customers. The tech giant says it will add OpenAI’s popular ChatGPT tool soon.

According to Microsoft, Azure OpenAI Service provides access to major AI models such as Codex and Dall-E, as well as the tech giant’s proprietary AI technology, including CoPilot, Power BI and Microsoft Designer.

Companies no longer need an invitation to apply for access. The service is now available to Microsoft’s managed customers and partners. Applicants are asked to explain what they want to use the AI solutions for. Several content filters detect abuse.

ChatGPT underway

Although the model behind OpenAI’s ChatGPT was primarily trained on Azure, this tool isn’t available in the service yet. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that ChatGPT will be added in the near future. The executive did not provide a date or timeframe.

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