Slack has more than 10 million active users

Slack has more than 10 million active users

Slack announces that it has reached the milestone of 10 million active users, just under half a year after the milestone of 8 million users was reached in August last year.

Slack continues to grow at the same pace, despite increased competition from Microsoft Teams, which has been offering a free version since last summer. Around the same time, Slack announced the acquisition of HipChat and Stride, which gave the user base an artificial boost.

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Slack also announced that it currently has 85,000 paying customers, representing an increase of more than 50 percent over the past year. These are organizations with dozens of people besides those with tens of thousands and they include almost every kind of work, it sounds in a blog post. It’s not entirely clear how many users that translates into. During an earlier milestone last year, Slack spoke of 3 million users on the paid version of the platform.

During a recent investment round in August last year, Slack raised 427 million dollars. The company is now valued at $7.1 billion and is reportedly preparing for an IPO in the course of this year.

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