Atlassian wants to make Jira the invisible base of development platforms

Atlassian wants to make Jira the invisible base of development platforms

Atlassian wants to make part of its Jira platform invisible. At the same time, it is trying to gain a foothold in the field of integrated development environments (IDEs), in which developers build computer software. Jira is at the basis of a new tracking platform, which Atlassian wants to use to help developers detect and eliminate errors in their software.

Now, developers often have to use multiple tools to track all problems with their software. On average, according to Atlassian’s Sean Regan, a developer or IT team uses 4.3 tools to bring code from development to product. All these tools need to be updated every time and that requires a lot of time, energy and money.

New system

Developers constantly have to deal with the fact that all these tools need to be updated, says Regan. Atlassian wants to do something about this and thus make the lives of these developers easier. For this reason, Atlassian hopes to present first class integrations with IDEs in the coming months.

We don’t think the most important thing is to get the eyes of developers focused on Jira. For this reason, the company wants Jira to serve as the basis for all these tools, but in an invisible and at the same time powerful way. According to Regan, Jira is therefore best comparable to a bus, or a protocol, that moves information between the various tools used by developers.

Expand to IDEs

We’re going to expand to IDEs. So that your development environment can be connected to Jira or Bitbucket, without your developer having to deal with Jira, says Regan. Atlassian’s idea to build a basis for all development steps is not new. Microsoft already tried it with its Visual Team Services platform that is now called Azure DevOps and for that reason also bought GitHub.

But according to Regan, it is crucial to build a platform that is an anti-ecosystem. A platform that therefore consists of a partnership with various other providers. And that’s exactly what Regan has in mind with Jira.

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