Plantronics and Polycom continue as Poly

Plantronics and Polycom continue as Poly

Plantronics and Polycom continue as Poly. The tech company focuses on the human experience of communication and collaboration and aims to make communication via the telephone or the internet as rich and natural as a physical conversation. Poly mainly wants to present itself as the most important solution for collaboration in the cloud.

Poly benefits from the audio and video expertise of Plantronics and Polycom and uses the company’s smart endpoints, which connect UC (Unified Communications) platforms. In this way, the company reduces problems within the modern working environment, including distractions, complexity and distance.

Four areas of innovation

To this end, Poly focuses on four specifically defined innovation areas:

  • Creating intuitive work environments for everyone. The modern open-plan environment creates more distraction and noise at work, leading to lower productivity and employee satisfaction. Poly offers solutions to address noise distraction in open spaces. In addition, the company offers technologies to set up huddle rooms where groups of two to six people can work together in peace and quiet, just as effectively as traditional boardrooms.
  • Let employees work together in their own way. On average, employees use three or more collaboration solutions per day. In doing so, they need endpoints for collaboration with and between these solutions. Poly offers an extensive portfolio of solutions to meet this growing need.
  • Mobile-first solutions for modern employee design. Whether it’s the use of a private smartphone as a business phone, or the alternation between private and business calls, employees need voice and video capabilities that offer mobility. With the recently announced Elara 60 Series, Poly recognizes that this is the new standard for communication. Combined with Poly’s award-winning mobile headsets, the mobile phone station provides employees with quality tools that allow them to be productive anywhere.
  • Improve cloud services and help IT professionals and users get more out of their devices. As the macro trend of end-user empowerment continues, the challenge for IT professionals is to know which device is being used where. Poly ensures that user-friendly solutions are also easy to manage.

CEO and President Joe Burton of Poly today announced his first day as CEO of a new company. He says he sees an infinite number of opportunities to improve the way people communicate today. Poly not only wants to use AI and machine learning, but also other new techniques to make connections between people.

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