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Poly announces new generation of wireless headsets

Poly announces new generation of wireless headsets

Poly (formerly Plantronics and Polycom) announces a new series of wireless headsets in the Savi series. The new versions offer more wearing styles and additional features to create better working conditions in noisy office environments, the company reports in a press release.

Poly’s goal with the new headsets is to increase user productivity. “People want the opportunity to concentrate,” says Tamara Lane, Director of Product Marketing and Personal Solutions at Poly. “Open-plan offices make collaboration easier, but we all know those moments when we need to just focus for a while. The challenge then is to stay in the zone despite all the noise around you. We have specifically improved our Savi 8200 Office and UC Series to meet these needs.”

The new headsets in the Savi 8200 Office and UC series include a close conversation limiting feature. This means that only the person talking at that moment can be heard in a multi-person conversation. This means that background noise is suppressed. The suppression of background noise is also done with active noise cancelling.

Specific functions differ per model

Models from the Savi 8200 series also have a wireless range of up to 55 metres. This is 180 metres without any physical obstacles, but this will never happen in office environments. The 7200 series even has a range of 120 metres. Furthermore, model 8245 has unlimited talk time, as a second battery can be charged while the headset is in use.

The available wearing styles are stereo on model 8820, mono on the 8210 or convertible on the 8240 and 8245. The 7200-Office series has a DECT headset that can be used with the desk phone. The 8200 UC series features a DECT™ mini-usb adapter that works with PCs and macs or desk phones that support USB audio. The 8200 Office series is also compatible with multiple devices. This allows users to merge phone calls from multiple devices.

Poly also reports that the Plantronics Manager Pro software is available separately. This allows IT teams to remotely manage the new headsets. This can be useful for, among other things, firmware updates and compliance in various policy areas. The Savi 8210 and 8220 are now available worldwide. Savi 8240 and 8245 will be available worldwide in October. The 8200 UC series and 7200 Office series will be available in November 2019.