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Facebook has given its corporate version of the social medium, Facebook Workplace, a new look and various new features. The update should improve access to functions such as groups, chats and notifications. Also, more of the platform’s algorithm is introduced to make suggestions about groups and people.

The new version of Workplace on desktop must be compatible with that of the mobile app. The service gets a lighter and calmer appearance, as well as more light colors. TechCrunch also removes two important functions – Groups and contacts for Chat – from the right bar. Users haven’t been looking there for some time, to ignore advertisements.

The two functions are now placed in the left column, where it is part of a menu of tools and more information about the organization. The idea is that this makes it more likely that people will go to these lists and use them.

In addition, notifications are given their own “inbox”. This extends the list of actions that have happened and are relevant to the user, so that it is possible to click on each action and go to a preview of that relevant content. This way it doesn’t have to be on the main page anymore.

Another new update is that Workplace now has a “focus” mode in departments as groups. In addition, the navigation menu on the left disappears, so that it is possible to look at the content that is being worked on, without any notifications from other groups, individuals or the larger company.


Under the bonnet some interesting things happen. For example, more algorithmic functions are added to Workplace. These algorithms use the “work graph” to suggest people and groups that the user might want to talk to. By doing so, the platform hopes to retain the attention of users for a longer period of time.

Finally, Workplace is being made more international. The app is now available in 46 languages. Facebook will also offer more machine translation options.

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