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The business chat app Slack has released an update for Windows 10 devices. The update mainly solves visual problems, as well as a number of more technical errors. That’s what MSPoweruser reports.

In the update several problems have been addressed. For example, there was the problem earlier that when you moved the screen, a white bar would appear. That problem is now solved. In addition, the screen size was sometimes changed when moving, which is no longer the case after the update.

A number of users also saw icons in the sidebar for teams they weren’t in themselves. Multi-screen users used to see blurry icons, and the Apps and Features- and Uninstall a Program screens showed the wrong icon. These problems have also been solved, and the notifications and indicators for unread messages are now also more readable. Furthermore, the developers have changed the appearance of their new HTML-notifications.

Finally, interactions with network drives have been improved, problems with keyboards and mice have been solved, and it is now possible to start Slack minimized.


Slack announced early this year that it has 10 million active users. This represents a growth of 2 million users in just under half a year. The chat app also has 85,000 paying customers.

The intention is that the company will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange this year, for which, according to rumours, it has chosen the New York Stock Exchange. Probably the company will also opt for a direct listing, in which the shares are selected directly on the stock exchange, without a starting price. This is a pretty unconventional way to go public, although Spotify did the same last year.

The IPO is expected to take place in June or July. The documents for the IPO were already filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in February.

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