Slack claims to have 12 million active users every day

Slack claims to have 12 million active users every day

Slack now claims to have over 12 million active users every day. These users are also more involved in the tools they use than the people who use competing Microsoft Teams, says the company.

Of those 12 million users who are active every day, six million are paying customers. These figures mean that Slack is lagging behind its competitor Microsoft Teams in terms of absolute user numbers. Microsoft announced in July that it has 13 million active users every day. Worldwide there are 19 million users for Teams.

Use of product is more important

Yet Slack doesn’t seem to worry much about that. According to Slack, the company’s tools are used more by its customers than is the case with Microsoft Teams and their customers. “You can’t transform a workplace if your customers don’t use the product,” says the company.

According to the company, the average paying Slack user now spends nine hours a day connected to Slack and actively uses the tools for 90 minutes a day.

Active use adds up to an average of 5 billion actions per week, says Brian Elliot, vice president and general manager of platform at Slack. These actions include reading and writing messages, uploading and responding to files, searches, and dealing with apps.

What’s the situation at Microsoft?

However, it is not known exactly how many Microsoft Teams are used. Microsoft did not provide any details about this in its update in July. It is, therefore, possible that the involvement with Teams is not so easy to measure. Customers with an Office 365 license also automatically get a Team account, but they don’t necessarily have to deal with that actively.

Elliot seems to think so too. He reports that 70 percent of the top 50 users of Slack are also customers of Office 365 and use the integrations of Office 365 within Slack. “As our daily active users continue to grow, we measure our success based on the value customers get from Slack,” says Elliot.

Microsoft and Slack have been fighting for market share in collaboration software for years. Slack is often seen as more popular with smaller companies, writes Silicon Angle. On the contrary, Microsoft Teams would be more popular with larger companies because of its integration with Office 365.