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IBM Watson Media has launched a mobile video streaming app targeted towards enterprise customers seeking to improve workplace communication across different locations.

The new product offers an end-to-end solution for live mobile video streaming. It is available on iOS and Android and is said to be able to connect employees, up to millions of individuals, around the world.

A natural step for IBM Watson Media

IBM’s enterprise video streaming solution is a live, on-demand streaming platform connecting employees at various locations on their desktop or laptop computers.

According to David Mowrey, VP product and business development for IBM Watson Media and Broadcast, this is a natural extension for the video collaboration tool and a response to a growing demand for mobile communication solutions.

Powered by AI

Powered by Watson, IBM’s AI, the application provides automated closed captioning for video content. However, administrators can edit closed captions as they see fit.

In addition, IBM automatically generates advanced metadata from the video content, which allows businesses to search, surface and index content to identify which videos are engaging employees and when.

Furthermore, the application provides businesses with the ability to control all aspects of video content, including ingestion, transcription, storage, distribution, content and metadata management, and access. For instance, to aid with privacy, administrators have the power to grant individual access to specific employees.

Bringing live streaming to the masses

IBM states that live streaming video once required the support of professional production teams, but now applications such as the IBM Video Streaming app make it easier for companies to create and share video content on mobile devices.

According to the company, this is important as the ways businesses engage with their employees and customers change.

“As we move towards an increasingly global workforce, businesses need a better way to connect and engage with employees,” Mowrey said.