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The BlueJeans video conferencing platform will tackle security in the upcoming update. Stronger encryption and the addition of a waiting area should provide users with a more secure experience.

In a time when almost everyone has to work from home due to the coronacrisis, many businesses are switching to the use of videoconferencing apps. BlueJeans is one of the companies that benefit from this. Verizon acquired the platform in April and wants to make it a more important part of its portfolio in the future. However, the main focus is on large companies who are already clients of BlueJeans. Among them are Facebook, Red Hat and several American universities.

Until now BlueJeans used AES-128 encryption for voice, video and file transfers, but with the new update, BlueJeans is switching to the improved AES 256 GCM encryption. In addition, changes are being made to the way meetings can be hosted to keep unwanted guests out.

The new update allows users to start an invite-only meeting, as well as adding a waiting room before a meeting. The call host can then specify who does and who does not have access to the call, similar to a functionality recently added by Zoom. Call admins can also configure which participants can share their screens. Finally, a quick-lock function has been added, which allows admins to lock a meeting while a call is in progress.

BlueJeans used to be independent for more than ten years before Verizon acquired BlueJeans in mid-April reportedly for half a billion dollars.

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