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Logitech has announced that they are going to launch a voice-powered way for businesses to control meeting rooms. The technology is going to be in partnership with Zoom Video Communications and Amazon’s Alexa for Business.

Logitech says that the recent Covid-19 pandemic has led many businesses to use hybrid environments that connect remote workers and employees to reduce proximity. That is why they have come up with Logitech Solutions for Zoom Rooms.

The technology is a collaborative effort to make peripheral tools that can use Alexa for Business to use meeting spaces that are voice-activated. 

Making social distancing work

Alexa for Business operates on AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud and uses machine learning to understand human speech and execute commands instantly. Users of the technology will be able to activate and control hardware by speaking simple commands.

With this, people can work in the same space without being too close to the same equipment. The potential here is that, with reduced contact, the risk of contracting Covid-19, is reduced. Teams who are still on-premises can work together without having to get too close.

The plan is to continue developing this technology further so that the meeting room experience is better, supporting the changing workplace.

Solutions for a changing environment

The solution by Logitech, allows users to connect Logitech Tap controllers, a Zoom Certified Logitech Rally, a Mini PC and a MeetUp camera for conference use. The setup is then linked up to a voice-activated system that controls everything. The setup process makes this easy to do for IT teams.

The system then works the same way regular interactions with Alexa do. As more and more people work from home and some are supposed to be on-premises, this solution presents an easy way to get things done.