Adobe integrates Acrobat web experience with Box

Adobe integrates Acrobat web experience with Box

Acrobat web experience was first previewed in October last year. It was finally made generally available across the Box platform on Thursday. Users of the two products will now be able to edit and collaborate on the billions of PDFs stored in Box as a result of the integration.

Using the Adobe Acrobat tools, users will be able to add e-signatures to PDFs and save their work in Box. Revision control issues will be eliminated alongside the need to download files and storing them on users’ desktops.

These are just some of the many benefits that the integration will bring.

The future is now

Now that employees are adopting the culture of working from home, the workload of working outside office premises may seem to increase on the billions of PDFs found in Box. Everything needs to be signed digitally now because printing and scanning take way to long when working from home. However, this should not be a problem because this integration means the users will have direct access to edit and signing features on the Box platform.

From within the platform, they can save and easily retrieve their files. The security of their documents is also guaranteed regardless of their working locations.

In a recent blog post, Adobe said, “68 % of the Fortune 500 use Box…” Now, Acrobat DC subscribers who use Box can access Adobe Acrobat for Box without a hitch.


The company sees the integration as an objective in its mission to provide the best-in-class PDF experiences in the popular cloud productivity solutions, where customers already store, work, sign, and collaborate with PDFs.

On the other hand, Box Inc. views this integration as considerable progress in its transition and growth strategy. It aims to become the cloud layer for content management through alliances with companies like Adobe.

Together, they will be able to offer systems of records for any piece of information in enterprises.