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This week, Slack is holding its Frontiers conference virtually. The company is introducing new features that will make messaging between partners simpler. Similarly, Slack is also talking about experimental features it will add on the platform soon.

Features to aid communication with partners outside of the company in a secure way are not always easy to create. They have to be safe, innovative in collaboration and file-sharing, or any things partners would like when working in tandem.

To help solve this problem, Slack is creating something called trusted partners. It has a few components.

Slated for next year

The first component is Slack Connect DMs (for direct messages). With it, users in an organization will collaborate with anyone outside the company by sending an invite.

The feature will allow a user to message anyone in the Slack ecosystem directly. Anyone with a Slack license will be able to connect to others with the same. The announcement was made by Ilan Frank, the Veep of product at Slack.

While the company introduces the new capability this week, it will not be widely available until next year because Slack wants to ensure that its use in the business world is secure and non-spammy.

Trust and security are the focal points

Slack’s focus will be on information privacy and security components to ensure that things like spam and phishing attacks are accounted for. As the Veep puts it, they do not want it to be like LinkedIn or Facebook Messenger, where anyone can connect with whoever they want. 

The focus of this feature is business for business purposes. Several concepts are going to ensure that this is done. It will work a bit like verified users on Twitter to make sure one deals with a trusted person.