Slack rolls out new analytics and management features for enterprises

Slack rolls out new analytics and management features for enterprises

Slack has recently updated more analytics and admin features. This is an effort to increase the utility of its team chat service for its organizations. First off, they added a tool that allows Slack to monitor the interaction between the employees and the messages by collecting data.

The tool showcases the total number of people who read a send message, the departments they serve, and the actual delivery moment of the message. In addition to this, the tool also shows replies to top priority messages.

Better analytics and auto-join channels

The collected data can also be integrated into an analytics tool. This will enable comparison with competitor products like Microsoft Teams. A decisive result of the most popular product among the workers will be disclosed.

Another added tool now enables employees under the same career to be automatically added to channels. Furthermore, the tool provides a centralized dashboard making it easier for the administrators to manage the chat channels. The levels of expertise and certifications for the administrators will also be displayed on the chats.

Bigger environments, easier to manage

Administrators will now be able to run even bigger deployments in a much more efficient way. Workers will not need to manually link their accounts anymore to access services from Microsofts Outlook Calendar and Google’s Calendar. They can now simply transact their business directly via the Slack interface.

Customers will get access to the analytics features via Slack’s Grid and Plus plans while the administration features will be available only on Slack’s Grid plan. Finally, Slack acquired an employee directory service known as Rimeto, which will enable employees to find their colleagues according to specific criteria.