Microsoft adds integration for 21 applications to Teams

Microsoft adds integration for 21 applications to Teams

Microsoft has announced a number of new features for Teams. In addition to the introduction of a large number of new apps, Microsoft makes it easier for users to add new features themselves.

New applications

In a blog post, Microsoft talks about the new features in Teams. The new integrations complement the existing offering of over 700 Teams apps. The new apps allow the control of third-party applications, for example creating new tasks on a planner.

The applications now supported are Asana, Bigtincain, Buncee, Decisions, Monday, HireVue, Phenom People, Pigeonhole, Microsoft Forms, Licid Agreements, Polly,, Wakelet, Range Labs, Priority Matrix, QBO Insights, SurveyMonkey, xMatters, Soapbox Innovations, Talview and Teamflect.

Power Platform

Microsoft has also added support for Microsoft Power Platform to Teams. This allows users to build additional features for Teams in a low code way. The Power Platform is available for Teams in three different apps:

  • Power Apps makes it possible to build extra apps for the chat program;
  • Power Automate offers the option to create simplified workflows;
  • Power Virtual Agents lets users set up chatbots for situations such as IT helpdesks, frequently asked questions and HR issues.


Teams quickly gained in popularity during the corona pandemic. In October, Microsoft announced that the collaboration program now has 115 million daily users. Microsoft continues to work hard to add new features, such as improved noise reduction for video calls.