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Microsoft has unveiled several new features for Microsoft Teams. These include a function to blur the background in a video, more support for functions on mobile devices and image annotation, says Silicon Angle.

The new background blur feature is for videos. This way, distractions in the background should be less prominent in the video. There is also a function called meeting recording, with which meetings can be recorded. Finally, cloud video interop is supported for legacy devices in meeting rooms.


Microsoft Teams’ mobile app is increasingly supporting functions from the desktop version. There is also a new feature called “Home”, which allows employees who develop products and services for customers to see the most important and relevant information for their day. They also have the opportunity to clock in and out, to receive important notifications and to discover who is working on a particular shift.

Shifts is a function that complements Home. Managers can use this to create timetables for employees. It is possible to create, update and distribute the schedules to teams. Services that are still open can be reported so that other employees can take them over.

For the medical sector, there will be built-in support for image annotations. This allows medical professionals to safely capture, annotate and share images. Recipients are notified of important messages.

329,000 organisations

Microsoft also announced that Microsoft Teams are now used by 329,000 organizations. In March of this year, there were still 200.00. 54 companies using Teams now have more than 10,000 users. This makes the competition with Slack, which is very popular in Silicon Valley, more serious.

In the meantime, Slack is not resting on his laurels either. In July, the company entered into a partnership with Atlassian and recently acquired the email provider Astro Technology.

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