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Salesforce appears to be planning an acquisition of Slack. The company may be paying a sum of 17 billion US dollars for the communications platform. This would make it the largest acquisition by Salesforce ever.

The rumour of the takeover stems from a report by the Wall Street Journal. The newspaper writes that the acquisition could be completed within days, possibly when Salesforce publishes its Q3 2020 reports.


It is not exactly known how much Salesforce would pay for Slack. The estimate of USD 17 billion (EUR 14.3 billion) is based on Slack’s market value before the announcement. Since then, the market value has risen rapidly to USD 22 billion (EUR 18.5 billion). Incidentally, there has been no confirmation that the deal is going through.


The acquisition of Slack would be the largest acquisition by Salesforce to date. The previous record was set when the company acquired Tableau in 2019. For this, the company paid USD 15.7 billion (EUR 13.9 billion). The year before it bought Mulesoft for several billions of dollars.


Salesforce and Slack have been working on integrating of each other’s products for some time now. Last year, for example, Slack announced several new features with the specific aim of integrating with Salesforce’s offering better.

Slack Technologies

Slack Technologies is a fairly recent player in the market. It started in 2009 under the name Tiny Speck with the development of a computer game, which did not turn out to be a huge success. In 2013 it released the collaboration platform Slack, which quickly caught on. After that success, the company changed its name to Slack Technologies.

Both companies have not yet responded to the rumours.

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