Zoom adds support for Apple Silicon

Zoom adds support for Apple Silicon

Zoom has released a new version of its video conferencing software with native support for the Apple Silicon M1 chip. This should allow the software to perform better on Apple’s new ARM-based computers.

In the release notes of version 5.4.7, Zoom indicates that the new version has better support for computers with ARM CPUs. The company has made a separate installer for de ARM version available in the Download Center.

Other improvements of version 5.4.7 are the ability to import contacts and add them as Zoom contacts and small changes to the user interface.

Apple Silicon M1

Apple released its first computers with its own Apple Silicon M1 processor last month. Unlike every computer Apple has released in the last 14 years, these computers are not based on the x86 architecture, but on ARM. As a result, all applications have to be recompiled to run on ARM. Applications that aren’t updated will still run with the Rosetta 2 emulator, albeit with some loss of performance.

Several software companies are therefore working hard to release ARM versions of their macOS software. For the most part, the Microsoft Office suite already works with it, and Adobe has promised to get all its applications working on ARM soon.

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