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Telecommunications company Avaya has released a new update for its collaboration platform Spaces. The update brings improvements in image and sound quality and some AI features.

Avaya announced the changes in the new update in a press release. The company has made it easier to initiate phone calls. It is possible to search for and merge contacts from inside and outside an organisation. Also, multiple simultaneous calls can be forwarded, merged and managed to simplify meetings.


In addition, Avaya has added api’s to Spaces to enable the software to be added to CRM systems, customer support, RPA and more. Avaya has also improved the AI. That AI is able to visually display speakers above the presentation, which should make the presentation more engaging to follow.

Noise reduction and group meetings

Avaya has also worked on noise cancellation. The company promises that even in noisy locations, background noise can be filtered out. A barking dog in the background should be suppressed. Even in an open convertible or on the beach, background noise should be suppressed. Finally, Avaya has made it possible to attend a meeting with thousands of participants simultaneously, including a ‘concert view’ for 61 people.

Composable Enterprise

“We designed Avaya Spaces to be an immersive collaboration platform that supports the composable enterprise, enabling organizations to move at the speed of their customers and employees,” said Anthony Bartolo, EVP and Chief Product Officer, Avaya. “Businesses are adapting and scaling faster to meet the needs of the experience economy by shifting from monolithic software to more agile, services-based applications, and Avaya Spaces uniquely enables this leap forward. Avaya Spaces users also benefit from some of the most advanced, cloud-based AI as well as a client-less architecture for an exceptional and easy-to-use experience.”

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