Webex has a new feature that tells you who you talk to the most at work

Webex has a new feature that tells you who you talk to the most at work

If you have ever wondered how much time you spend in meetings, talking to coworkers, or on the phone, you can now know just how much you do that. Webex started allowing people to use People Insights in March, showing all the information for users.

The company announced a new feature on Monday for People Insights, named Connections. Connections tracks how often users talk to or interact with each other, giving even more insight into daily work habits. Connections fall into three groups assigned the tags distant, familiar, and close. Each category tracks how often a user interacts with others in calls, meetings, and messages.

What Connections shows

Users will have the option to select members of the meeting/group to indicate when they want to communicate more often with that person. When looking at your Connections, you can get data on your current trends for individual contacts over days, weeks, or longer.

Connections combined with the rest of the data coming out of People Insights is designed to help workers maintain a healthy life/work balance. They can see how many meetings are scheduled outside of normal hours or how often meetings go over the allocated time to see who they talk to the most and least.

Safety concerns

Since the company collects data to give you this actionable information, how safe are you and how private is your data? Jeetu Patel, the executive veep and general manager of Webex, says that the company strongly believes in privacy and security, which is why the information linked to a user’s account is not accessible by anyone other than the user.

There is a possibility that this kind of tech can be scaled up to track that kind of information for a whole organization. How will that be received? We’re almost certainly bound to find out, in time.