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Kinly introduces Kinly Rooms, a subscription service for (online) meeting rooms. Kinly provides the equipment needed for a meeting room for a monthly fee.

Kinly Rooms allows organizations to acquire all the equipment and software needed for videoconferencing through a single license. Kinly delivers audio-video equipment to the office, sets up the conferencing software and manages device updates remotely.

Customers choose from two options: a standard version and a customized version. The standard version consists of a fixed range of devices. The customized version allows you to provide Kinly with personal preferences, including wishes for specific equipment.

In both cases, Kinly installs the equipment on-site, after which the control software is managed remotely. Next, the organization sets up one or more digital meeting rooms. Kinly tunes the design of the rooms (think of the videoconference interface) to mimic the experience of a face-to-face meeting.

Naturally, you can do the latter yourself through Teams, Zoom, Webex and other tools. Most conferencing tools offer management functions for personalizing the clients on which employees work. A proprietary company style is possible. Yet, the set-up of a conference room limits potential. Unless you set up the room yourself, you have no control over the positions of cameras and microphones. Ultimately, software can only do so much for a conferencing experience.

In that respect, Kinly’s position is unique. By providing everything, including equipment installation, a consistent experience becomes possible. External device management is a nice perk: device security is looked after. Furthermore, service is included. Kinly sends a technician in case of defects.