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Apple’s efforts to get its staff back to the office are running into opposition from a well-organized group of employees. At least one high-profile employee resigned due to the clash.

According to The Verge reporter Zoe Schiffer, Apple’s director of machine learning will quit the business. The director, Ian Goodfellow, stated that his departure was due to Apple’s return-to-office strategy. According to Schiffer’s tweet, Goodfellow wrote to his coworkers that he “strongly believes that more flexibility would have been the best policy for my team.”

‘Apple Together’

The current guideline varies by team and job, but Apple has already requested that employees come into the office one or two days each week. Starting May 23, many Apple employees will be forced to work at least three days each week.

Some employees are dissatisfied with the return to the office. They’ve formed an organization called ‘Apple Together’ to coordinate initiatives. The organization just issued an open letter to the company’s top leadership. Apple Together cites several reasons why they feel Apple’s return to the office is not in the best interests of the company and its employees.

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The group tries to disprove the idea that collaborating in the workplace allows for spontaneous cooperation and invention. The group claims that, because the corporation is already compartmentalized, working from home — where video calls to other offices or departments are often easier to organize — is more doable than working in the office.

Furthermore, Apple Together notes that commuting in congested Apple office areas has an impact on employees’ personal life, vitality, and availability at work. The association also points out that forcing employees to reside within commuting distance of offices restricts the kind of employees who apply.

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