Poly launches wireless IP phones in Edge E Series

Poly launches wireless IP phones in Edge E Series

Poly launched the Edge E Series, a new range of IP phones. Three of the five models support wifi and Bluetooth. Each model is an upgrade from the Edge B Series, Poly’s previous IP phone series.

IP phones are suitable for organizations that use video conferencing software or a private branch exchange (PBX) to telephone over the Internet (VoIP). Most IP phones support Ethernet or wifi to connect directly to a corporate network. Poly is one of the largest suppliers of IP phones.

The Poly Edge E Series was recently launched. The series consists of five new models. Each model is an upgrade from the Edge B Series launched in 2021.

Poly Edge E Series

The purpose of the phones hasn’t changed. The models remain suitable for organizations that communicate over the Internet and prefer to use a traditional phone rather than a browser, headset or smartphone.

The design of the phones was updated. Each model has dual Gigabit Ethernet inputs with support for Power over Ethernet (PoE). In addition, each model has a USB-C input for peripherals. The entire series is equipped with text-to-speech.

Furthermore, each model supports Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Smartphones with an NFC chip can connect directly to the phones. Resultingly, the IP phone can be used to telephone and conference on the smartphone. Most modern smartphones have an NFC chip.


Wifi and Bluetooth

Poly’s software improves sound quality and reduces noise, but those features were already present in the Poly Edge B Series. Support for wifi and Bluetooth, however, is new. Three of the five phones have separate versions with wifi and Bluetooth support: the Poly Edge 350, 450 and 550.

The Poly Edge E Series is available immediately. In addition to the new series, Poly launched the CCX 505, a high-end IP phone with support for wifi, USB-A and USB-C. The CCX 505 is available immediately as well.

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