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Acronis says it has abandoned traditional backup and data protection methods with a new approach towards data protection. This new approach has resulted in three data protection solutions.

According to Acronis, today’s businesses are increasingly dependent on data, which poses new challenges. These are challenges for which legacy solutions are not designed. A new approach is needed, says CEO Seguei Beloussov in a statement.

“A new approach to data management and protection is needed to meet these modern challenges – one that addresses the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security of data. Acronis calls these the Five Vectors of Cyber Protection, or SAPAS,” said Beloussov. The three new solutions are designed to do this.

New form of protection

The three services that Acronis introduces are Cyber Protect, Cyber Platform and Cyber Infrastructure. Cyber Protect is an all-in-one data protection solution that includes all components of the NIST Cyber Security Framework. These components are Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

Within Cyber Protect, seven important protection options are combined, including backup and disaster recovery. Cyber Protect also provides protection against malware based on artificial intelligence (AI), patch management and risk assessments.

All capabilities are made available through a single agent, managed from a modern management console. This console also has a web experience optimized for mobile devices.

Cyber Platform

The second solution is the Cyber Platform, which allows developers and independent software providers to customize, expand and integrate Acronis’ Cyber Protection solutions.

The new Cyber Platform will be the foundation for all Acronis services. It contains a range of APIs supported by SDKs and sample code.

These resources enable Acronis partners to protect new data sources, support new data storage locations and implement new data management features. It is also possible to provide applications with the protections that Acronis provides with its solutions.

Cyber Infrastructure

Finally, there is the Cyber Infrastructure. This is a universal, software-defined infrastructure solution. It combines computer, software-defined network, block, file and object storage workloads.

The infrastructure is optimized for cyber security deployments and workloads. According to Acronis, the infrastructure is easy to use, reliable and hyper-converged.

According to the company, the solution is also available at the lowest cost on the market for secondary data storage and management. However, the company does not mention any prices in the  announcement.