New Rubrik Andes version is much faster at performing backups

New Rubrik Andes version is much faster at performing backups

Rubrik has released a new version of Andes. With version 5.3 the company has implemented several optimizations to speed up the backup process. The backup platform has also received improved support for some cloud solutions.


In a press release, Rubrik claims that Andes 5.3 is 10 times faster in backing up SQL server environments. Furthermore, the backup speed of Oracle databases has doubled to almost one gigabyte per second. Rubrik now also offers a Recovery Validation feature for Oracle databases. This performs tests to check whether an Oracle database can be recovered.

Another performance improvement can be found in the recovery of NAS devices. According to Rubrik, the recovery speed has tripled. The speed of scanning NetApps has doubled: now 35 million files can be scanned in less than 15 minutes.

Wider support

In addition to the performance improvements, support for some cloud solutions has also been added. Examples include support for VMs in Google Cloud and the ability to use SLA policies from Rubrik to create automated backups of SAP HANA.

Andes 5.3 also offers support for VMware protection in AWS, Azure and Google. VMware Cloud is also supported on AWS. With cloud-native Polaris for Amazon RDS it is now possible to protect the RDS across different AWS accounts and regions.

The beta version of Rubrik Andes 5.3 is already in use by some customers. The final version will be available in a few months.

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