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Dataplex and Datastream are among the new tools Google is launching to help customers get better, more usable analytics.

Google used the occasion of their naugural Data Cloud Summit this week to launch three new cloud services. The tech giant says these services together create an “integrated data cloud” that spans multicloud environments. Thgis inturn, Google says, will help enterprises become more data-driven.

Helping companies become more “data-driven”

The new products were simultaneously detailed in a blog post by Gerrit Kazmaier, Google’s Vice President & General Manager, Database & Analytics. “Every company in every industry is on a journey to become more data-driven,” Kazmeier writes.

He goes on to say that being data-driven could mean “providing great digital experiences to customers, or driving operational excellence through AI, or detecting hidden patterns in data to improve decision making.”

“To help with this transformation, we are excited to announce new products and services designed to fully unify your databases, analytics and AI in an open data cloud,” Kazmeier continues. He adds that this is all so that Google customers can “get the most value” from their data.

Three powerful new services for data management

First up in the new offerings is Dataplex. This tool allows customers to Centrally manage, monitor and govern their data across data lakes, data warehouses and data marts. The result is to make this data securely accessible to a variety of analytics and data science tools from a single view, according to Kazmeier.

Nest there is Datastream, Google’s serverless change data capture (CDC) and replication service. Datastream helps companies reliably move and synchronize data between heterogeneous databases, storage and applications. This enables Datastream to support real-time analytics, database replication and event-driven architectures. It also supports Google’s serverless change data capture (CDC) and replication service. The new service is currentlly available in preview.

The third new service announced this week is Google Analytics Hub. This is a fully-managed service built on BigQuery that allows customers to efficiently and securely create data sharing ecosystems with governance in mind. The service operates across any organizational boundary, and allows users to access and share valuable datasets and analytics assets. As examples, Kazmeier names BigQuery ML models, Looker Blocks, and data quality recipes. The Analytics Hub is currently available in preview.