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Epicor plans to use the Predii AI solution to surface insights from the vast caches of data it collects from its solutions. The data, which is both structured and unstructured, will be fed to Predii Intelligence for analysis to gain business insights.

Predii delivers upstream analytics capabilities as part of its service intelligence solution and downstream analytics for repair intelligence.

Epicor intends to integrate the Predii solution into the Epicor Industry Data Analytics solution, already widely deployed in the automotive industry.

Predii is excited

Predii was founded in 2013 with bases in India, Palo Alto, and Pune. Predii has grown quickly with notable recognition from Frost and Sullivan and Gartner as a good vendor. It already processes more than 2 billion repair jobs monthly, in an agreement that will see it gain even more data access.

Epicor will gain industry-specific insights to deliver to customers that would have spent more money trying to develop their own ways of surfacing insights.

Tilak Katsuri, the founder and CEO of Predii said that as a pioneer in leveraging AI to extract actionable insights and analytics out of parts, repair, and service data, the company is excited to have been selected by Epicor to support its Industry Data Analytics solutions.

Data is good

The Epicor aftermarket data analytics platform can already see into more than 1 billion parts transactions and close to 140 million automotive repairs in a year.

The existing analytics cover an extensive share of data points. However, Predii Epicor will change the game by offering insights into market gaps and opportunities, advanced pricing information on a part-by-part basis, knowing which parts perform well and which ones don’t to identify opportunities, and more.

Predii brings the strength of AI to data analytics, which should improve everyone, from small automotive repair shops to large companies like Japan’s Marubeni Corporation.