SingleStore and SAS simplify next-gen data and analytical architecture

SingleStore and SAS simplify next-gen data and analytical architecture

Analytics provider SAS partnered with SingleStore to help enterprises overcome barriers to accessing data, maximizing scalability, magnifying performance, and uncovering critical data-driven insights to streamline and expand analytical architecture.

SingleStore offers fast, sophisticated cloud databases for the data-intensive era by combining analytics and transactions into one robust multi-model distribution database. On the contrary, SAS is an analytics provider of innovative services and software that empowers customers to transform their data intelligence.

In partnership with SingleStore, SAS Viya supports the usage of AI technology and SAS analytics on data saved in SingleStore’s cloud-native real-time database. The integration enhances flexibility and offers open access to curated amounts of data, ultimately speeding up the value for hybrid, on-site and cloud deployments.

The economic expenditure associated with data storage and architectural infrastructure, along with manual data processing and complicated data integration, obstructs the technological leaders of today’s world. The partnership between SingleStore and SAS helps them make informed and quick decisions more effectively.

Benefits of SingleStore and SAS analytical architecture

Integrating the two helps bring more intelligence capabilities closer to the data, allowing enterprises to boost their productivity and performance while reducing costs. It speeds up the decision-making process across the board.

In addition, with SAS analytical performance and SingleStore data compression, enterprises can lower the complexity of data management and integration. It also reduces the time needed to train modern data management models.

Most organizations face challenges when trying to derive value from repetitive, manual, and mundane data processing tasks with remote data islands. With SingleStore and SAS Viya’s advanced AI and machine learning analytics, companies are changing the game through capabilities that not only boost but also simplify iterative data. The analytical loops improve decision-making time and reveal critical values stored in data.

These capabilities lower customers’ technical debt of duplicative data stores, ultimately enhancing analytic workload performance and uncovering a competitive edge. In a nutshell, the combination of SingleStore’s multi-cloud hybrid database and SAS Viya’s analytic engine is expected to improve and enrich performance dramatically, lower expenses and offer real-time applications.