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Pure Storage launched two new products and multiple updates of Portworx, a portfolio of storage solutions for Kubernetes.

Pure Storage develops software and hardware for storage. The hardware offering includes the FlashArray series, a popular product range among organizations with proprietary data centers. The software offering includes Pure as-a-Service, a solution for centralized management of various storage resources.

In 2020, the software portfolio expanded dramatically. Pure Storage acquired Portworx, a developer of data services for Kubernetes. Since then, Pure Storage has provided a handful of data services for Kubernetes, including persistent storage and disaster recovery. The offering has just been expanded with two new solutions and multiple updates.

New in Pure Storage Portworx

First of all, Portworx Data Services is now generally available. The database-as-a-service solution for Kubernetes was released as a preview in 2021. Since, Portworx Data Services has allowed customers to deploy popular database management systems on Kubernetes at a moment’s notice. Popular systems such as Cassandra, Kafka, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis and Zookeeper are supported. It doesn’t matter where the underlying hardware is located. Databases and services are centrally available in a Kubernetes environment. Pure Storage uses a pay-as-you-go model: customers only pay for the data processed.

Secondly, Pure Storage introduced an as-a-service variant of Portworx PX-Backup. Portworx PX-Backup has long been available for backing up and restoring data and applications in Kubernetes. Up until this point, customers have taken deployments and integrations into account. The as-a-service variant changes things. The new option automatically connects to an existing environment. Portworx PX-Backup recognizes the components of clusters to start backing up and restoring apps.

Thirdly, Pure Storage launched several updates of Portworx Enterprise, an existing solution for persistent storage in Kubernetes. Portworx Enterprise is now suitable for the service of data centers to multiple tenants. Storage capacity, IOPS and bandwidth are adjustable per tenant. In addition, Kubernetes apps can now be deployed in 5G and edge environments. Lastly, KubeVirt and OpenShift virtualization received support.

KubeCon 2022

The two new solutions are available immediately. The updates for Portworx Enterprise will appear within the second half of this year. Pure Storage shared the news at KubeCon 2022, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s annual conference. Techzine is on location in Valencia, Spain. Check out this page for an overview of the most important announcements.