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HPE expanded its Alletra portfolio with the Alletra 5000 hybrid storage array series. The release should deliver a more favourable price-performance ratio than HPE’s existing Nimble Storage Hybrid Flash Arrays.

HPE’s Alletra storage portfolio is a cloud-based block storage platform. All associated arrays are manageable through a SaaS cloud console. The platform combines flash and hard drive storage.

Introduced last year, Alletra storage arrays are designed to provide cost-effective storage for both primary workloads and secondary backup and recovery applications.

Alletra 5000

The existing Alletra 6000 and 9000 models have NVMe flash storage on board. The 6000 series are based on HPE Nimble storage arrays and the 9000 series are based on the HPE Primera platform.

The new HPE Alletra 5000 series is based on the Nimble platform and a hybrid array model. This should increase value for money by 25 percent from HPE’s existing Nimble Storage Hybrid Flash Arrays. Disk write speeds are equal to flash write speeds thanks to write serialization technology. Dynamic flash caching accelerates read speeds.

HPE tailored the storage arrays for general-purpose workloads like VM provisioning, application testing and development, and backup and recovery.


In 4U environments, each array can accommodate up to 21 hard drives and six SSDs for flash storage. In addition, an expansion shelf allows for another 21 hard drives and three to six flash cache SSDs. The storage array can connect to up to six expansion shelves.

The HPE Alletra 5000 arrays support disk capacities of 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, 10TB and 14TB. In addition, the series features dual controllers and Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity. Furthermore, the Alletra 5000 supports Triple+ Parity RAID, allowing the array to handle three write failures simultaneously without losing data.

The HPE Alletra 5000 series also features HPE InfoSight AIOps, a solution that autonomously predicts and resolves storage issues. According to HPE, the arrays are relatively easy to deploy.

Three models

A total of three models are coming to market: the HPE Alletra 5010 (42TB to 210TB), the HPE Alletra 5030 (42TB to 504TB) and the HPE Alletra 5050 (42TB to 1.2PB).

The HPE Alletra 5000 series can be purchased directly or through a pay-per-use license. In addition, the new storage arrays are available through HPE Greenlake. The prices weren’t disclosed.