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This comes on the heels of the launch of the iPhone 14, which made satellite messaging the hot new feature in smartphones. While full satellite calling and messaging have been available on bulky satellite phones for years, Bullitt has brought the feature to typical smartphone form factors.

This service, called Bullitt Satellite Connect, offers a two-way messaging service and “the most advanced mobile satellite messaging platform in the world” for non-iPhone users.

Bullitt is also launching a Bullitt Satellite Messenger app and the Cat S75 smartphone with satellite connectivity. It’s teaming up with Motorola to introduce a second satellite messaging phone, the Motorola Defy 2, and a satellite messaging hotspot called the Motorola Defy Satellite Link.

Pricing and plans

The service starts at $4.99/month, with custom plans available for serious satellite texters. The service also includes SOS Assist, which offers “24/7 access to emergency response centers provided by FocusPoint International.”

While texting over Bullitt Satellite Connect is not entirely seamless, the unique Bullitt Satellite Messenger app enables the messaging service to send messages over SMS to the recipient’s phone number, allowing them to receive the message.

However, to respond, the person receiving the message must download the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app. Bullitt is partnering with Skylo to get its Satellite Connect service up and running. Skylo manages connections to devices over existing licensed GEO satellite constellations, such as Inmarsat and others.

Satellite is the next trend for smartphones

Inmarsat is a satellite company that has been around since the 1970s, and its most recent launch was with SpaceX, where it currently provides Internet access to planes and boats. Bullitt’s new satellite phones, the Motorola Defy 2 and Cat S75, have similar specs, including a 6.5-inch, 120 Hz, 2408×1080 LCD, a MediaTek Dimensity 930 SoC, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage.

The Motorola Defy Satellite Link’s hotspot has a simple plastic brick form factor on a rugged-looking lanyard with no screen, only a few lights and buttons, and a covered USB port.

The hotspot will be available in April for $99, or a $149 bundle includes a year of Bullitt’s “Essentials Messaging service plan,” which offers “up to 30 two-way messages per month and SOS Assist.” Over in Europe, users will have to shell out €4.99 for the service.