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Samsung comes in November with the first foldable smartphone

Samsung comes in November with the first foldable smartphone

The SDC will take place in San Francisco on 7 November. During that Samsung developer’s conference, the first foldable smartphone is unveiled. This was confirmed by top executive DJ Koh, who is the director of Samsung’s mobile division, during an interview.

Koh told the American CNBC that as far as he was concerned it was time to deliver a foldable smartphone. According to Koh, various market studies have shown that consumers are ready for this. He didn’t want to say anything about the design, specifications or functionality of the device.

Useful in use

Koh did want to go into the idea behind a foldable smartphone. According to the director, the device must differ in terms of functionality from, for example, a tablet. Above all, consumers should have a phone that brings something new, not something that builds on old successes or is in fact not an innovation.

If the unfolded experience is the same as that of a tablet, why would they [consumers] buy it? Koh wondered aloud. So every device, every functionality, every innovation must have a meaningful message for our end user.

One screen

The device sounds like a traditional fold-away phone, where two separate parts are connected to each other. However, based on the many rumours of the past, we can say that the Samsung phone consists of one screen. That will be able to be folded up. Exactly how it will work remains to be seen.

It is clear that the development process of the phone has not been easy at all. Samsung was almost ready to reveal the phone several times already, but did not do so every time. Especially the interface and the way in which the functionality would be filled in, was sometimes problematic or at least more complicated than expected. Those rumors now seem implicitly confirmed, given the words of Koh.

Nothing is known about the specifications. Nor do we know exactly when the foldable smartphone will be launched on the market.

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