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Intel promises to be more communicative about shortage of processors

Intel promises to be more communicative about shortage of processors

Intel admits that it has been unclear and non-transparent towards its partner channel about the supplier’s lack of processors and delays in delivery. In 2019, this will have to be greatly improved, according to the chip manufacturer in a recent meeting with CRN.

In the interview with the tech site, Todd Garrigues, director of partner sales programs for the chip giant, states that the company has not been very transparent in the past year when it comes to information about the shortage of processors and the resulting delay in the delivery of processors, price rises and other challenges.

Problems Intel and customers

For several months now, the large processor manufacturer has been struggling with a backlog in the supply of CPUs. Although this shortfall will not have a direct impact on the producer’s annual turnover for 2018, it will affect many customers. Mainly customers of processors in the PC segment. Many companies have to deal with lower sales. Other problems of Intel=partners include delivery delays and higher costs.

Critical feedback from partners

The company received critical feedback from its partners about the shortages, according to the Intel director in the interview. According to the Intel director, the main feedback was that the chip manufacturer had to show much more transparency and preferably real-time insight into the production.

The company now takes very seriously the critical feedback from its partners about this deficiency. By 2019, therefore, improved transparency on supply issues, new business opportunities and new technologies will be one of the company’s key priorities for its partner channel.

More focus on distributors

According to Garrigues, the chip manufacturer has a number of challenges to overcome. One of the most important is that the company has no direct one-to-one relationship with the broader basis of its partner channel. That’s why Intel wants to strengthen its relationships with the various distributors that serve a broad channel base. Think, among many others, of partners such as Tech Data or Ingram Micro.

With these distribution partners, the processor manufacturer wants to have a much more direct, open and transparent dialogue to help them plan and help joint customers to plan roadmaps and schedule deliveries.

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