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Apple is working hard on iOS 12.1.4 to solve the annoying FaceTime bug. Meanwhile, the FaceTime Group has shut down chats worldwide until the solution is ready. The promise of a patch at the end of last week was not fulfilled.

Last week, one of the worst iOS problems ever came to light. A bug in FaceTime lets you listen in on the other side of the line, even before the receiver has accepted the call.

The mistake is in the way FaceTime handles group calls. It suffices to add yourself to a call before the recipient has answered it. The app then thinks it’s an active group call and starts sending audio from the receiver.

iOS 12.1.4

Apple has since made an official statement about the FaceTime problem. In it they let us know that the original deadline of the end of last week was not met and that they are aiming for a release sometime this week.

Apple also informs that as soon as engineers realized there was a problem, they immediately disabled Group FaceTime. Immediately after that, work was done on a patch.

The big question now is what will happen to the app if not everyone installs iOS 12.1.4. Will Apple systematically enable Group FaceTime? How will Apple encourage other users to install that latest update?

Group calls were added to FaceTime at the end of October with the update to iOS 12.1. The introduction of the functionality was supposed to coincide with the launch of iOS 12, but was postponed.

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